About us

We are developing a low-cost and sustainable redox flow battery for energy storage on a multi-day basis.

Sinergy Flow is a DeepTech startup based in Milan, Italy.

Our technology supports the energy transition, allowing the penetration of renewable up to 90 %.

Sustainability, diversity, and Circular Economy are just some of the fundamental values that distinguish our young company.

We make every breath of tomorrow possible storing clean energy


We are developing a redox flow battery based on earth abundant and low-cost material which is fully compliant with the Circular Economy principles. 

Schematization of the redox flow battery system


Modular and scalable technology with customizable energy-to-power ratio (E/P), suitable for long duration energy storage (>10 h).

The exploitation of sulfur – a byproduct of the petrochemical industry – makes Sinergy Flow’s supply-chain free from  geopolitical oligopoly, opening new market opportunities and favoring the independency of energy communities.


Valorization of sulfur byproducts: the Sinergy Flow cycle


Enthusiastic and visionary team with the ambition to revolutionize the idea of energy storage to enable the energy transition.

Alessandra Accogli, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

“The energy transition is one of  biggest challanges ever faced by human being and we will do everything to make it happen.”

Gabriele Panzeri, Ph.D.

CTO & Founder

“We desperatly need for a Long Duration Energy Storage technology that is low-cost and sustainable in the long run.”

Matteo Salerno, M.Sc.

COO & Founder

“The development of new business models is essential to ensure the large-scale adoption of breakthrough technologies


We strongly believe that the startup, thanks to its revolutionary battery and the use of abundant waste-materials can be a gamechanger on decarbonization and we hope that it can also represent an international success story, made in Italy”

Fausto Boni – General Partner and Founder of 360 Capital

“The National Technology Transfer Pole for Sustainability, Tech4Planet, was created to support the growth of the most promising technologies born within Italian research centers and bring them to the market. Sinergy Flow is a particularly significant startup in this sense because it operates in the segment of energy storage, which is one of the fundamental building blocks for achieving decarbonization goals, and it does so with an outstanding team, with a great propensity for business development and internationalization”

Claudia Pingue – Head of CDP Venture Capital’s Technology Transfer Fund