About us

We are developing a low-cost and sustainable redox flow battery for energy storage on a multi-day basis.

Sinergy Flow is a DeepTech startup based in Milan, Italy.

Our technology supports the energy transition, allowing the penetration of renewable up to 90 %.

We make every breath of tomorrow possible storing clean energy


We are developing a redox flow battery based on earth abundant and low-cost material which is fully compliant with the Circular Economy principles. 

Schematization of the redox flow battery system

Modular and scalable technology with customizable energy-to-power ratio (E/P), suitable for long duration energy storage (>10 h).

Valorization of sulfur byproducts: the Sinergy Flow cycle


Enthusiastic and visionary team with the ambition to revolutionize the idea of energy storage to enable the energy transition.

Alessandra Accogli, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

“The energy transition is one of  biggest challanges ever faced by human being and we will do everything to make it happen.”

Gabriele Panzeri, Ph.D.

CTO & Founder

“We desperatly need for a Long Duration Energy Storage technology that is low-cost and sustainable in the long run.”

Matteo Salerno, M.Sc.


“The development of new business models is essential to ensure the large-scale adoption of breakthrough technologies