Our Story

The inception of SINERGY FLOW can be traced back to the doctoral studies of Alessandra Accogli (CEO). During this period, Ms. Accogli collaborated with Gabriele Panzeri (CTO) and Matteo Salerno (COO/ CSO) to develop new chemistry for redox flow batteries. Subsequently, the team participated in the Switch2Product Challenge hosted by the Politecnico di Milano, where the project was awarded the challenge due to its innovativeness as well as commitment towards Circular Economy principles.
This milestone marked the commencement of the startup’s journey. The project garnered multiple awards and recognitions: Best italian startup (Everis Awards 2021), Best Cleantech&Energy startup (Startcup  Lombardia 2021), Best italian startup (Premio Nazionale Innovazione 2021), Intellectual Property Awards 2021, ENI Awards 2022. These results piqued the interest of potential investors and industrial partners.
In November 2022, the company successfully closed a SEED funding round (360 Capital Partners and CDP Ventures), securing €1.8 million in capital. As a result, the company established its operational  headquarters, where ongoing technology development efforts are currently underway

Company values


Positively Impact
on Human Beings

Sustainability Innovation

Diversity inclusion

Human capital valorization

Environmental & Social

Future ambition

Enable 24/7 renewable energy for a zero-emission society.

Sinergy Flow S.r.l.
Piazzale Cadorna 4, Milano, Italy
P.IVA 12371920963
Nominal capital EUR 14000


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